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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some disclosure

OK, so now we are in the process of writing the script, and I can tell you it is essentially a zombie flick, an hour or less, and will be unlike anything else in the genre thus far. Simultaneously, it will be an homage to many films We have enjoyed in the past. It will also be based on true events. Many movies make this claim, few will have as much annotation as ours to corroborate that statement. It is the type of script that will make a conspiracy theorist smile and even blush.

My co-director, Mike Shands and I met last nite over coffee to bang out the outline and it went like buttah-we are both on the same wavelength and looking to get the same things out of this script. Next week we'll do some index-carding and flesh out the plot more in detail...I'm very excited about this and hope to keep all posted on the progress.

Meanwhile I forwarded some contracts to what I hope to be my entertainment attorney's office-if I can afford him and it works out I'll disclose who else he represents in the future.


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