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Thursday, March 19, 2009


As you'll come to find eventually, I am a rabid film fan, and have been since the age of about seven or so. I made my first film, a stop-motion animated feature, at age 12. I acted in my first video production (a remake of Ghost Story) at age 14.

Currently I am in pre-production on a zombie short-we are keeping the lid on it at the moment, but we will disclose more as we firm things up. Meantime feel free to check out our production company web page, where you can check out a few of our shorts from a while back. This next production, however, promises to be our biggest ever, and we are pulling all the stops to make this one our best. I am working out the details of the script, and we have scheduled our shooting for the month of June. Post production should wrap by the end of August.

Our focus is mostly horror/scifi, but I am dying to branch out and work on a documentary eventually. Therefore a lot of my reviews are of documentaries, which I'll post here.

This all sounds very sanitary, and I'm pissing myself off-I'm not this nicey-nice, so if the milquetoastedness of this is turning you off, give it time, I'll have you just as pissed off or laughing really soon, I swear.


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